Rajput Association’s Drug Awareness Seminar.


CERRITOS, CA. December 14, 2014

Rajput Association of America held a Drug Awareness seminar for children and parents in community hall of Shadow Park, Cerritos, CA. Seminar also included presentation for Earthquake Awareness, Diabetes Management and Control, Life Journey in Social Media age, and Youth and Beauty. There were over 75 listeners in attendance.

Orange County’s Deputy Sheriff Carlos Sanchez spoke about prevalent drugs that young kids and parents must be aware of. He mentioned e-cigarettes and vape stores are a new trend that are not legally banned but are equally dangerous for young children as are marijuana and cocaine. To everyone’s surprise he said mint leaves, that many Indians and Mexicans use as flavor in tea or chutneys, can hallucinate someone for up to five minutes if smoked as a cigarette. He advised parents to talk to children with love and passion about the dangers of drugs but do not just scold them if they see them using drugs.

Nidhi Chillara of American Red Cross (Los Angeles Division) addressed the need of earthquake preparedness for individuals and families. She advised there are three types of earthquake kits that people can keep at their homes. First kit, she mentioned, should include personal medicines along with water and other non-perishable foods that can last at least three days. Second kit is for families. It should include up to three days supplies of non-perishable foods, three gallons of drinking water per person, flash lights, battery operated radio, medicines, and if possible some clothes. Third kit is called bed side kit, tied loosely to bed frames close to pillow side of the bed. This kit should include a sturdy pair of shoes, a flash light and spare glasses. She also advised people that it is safer to stay in the bed than running out during earthquake. Running out can be dangerous as there may be broken glass on ground or falling from the windows. If you are in car stay in the car until shaking is over or until help arrives if you are stuck.

Aparna Hande, a registered nurse, a teacher, community leader, and a social worker presented information about diabetes, a disease that is hugely prevalent in Asian Community. She said the key to preventing this disease is to regularly exercise 45 minutes to one hour daily along with low fat, low carb, and low sugar diet. She said A1C of 6.0 or below and blood sugar level of less than 100 must be maintained for normal health. She offered to advise anyone free of charge who would like to know more about how to manage or prevent diabetes. She can be reached anytime at 562-682-7020.

Anju Garg, a community leader presented role of social media such as emails, e-banking etc. in our daily lives and how we can take advantage of it.

Vasu Pawar, also an active community leader spoke of personal experience of the benefits of grape seed extract. She said grape seed extract can help many ways without any side effects. Anyone can call her at 909-389-8262 for detailed information about the benefits of this natural product.

Yash Singh, President Rajput Association of America, and Kewal Kanda emceed and managed the seminar. Free food and soft drinks were provided to everyone in attendance.

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