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Association History



It was winter of 1984 of when few members started RAJPUT ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA. A committee was selected to produce guidelines for running the association. Mr. Gurdas S. Sheenh was nominated to lead as president. Mr. Baldev S. Chauhan – vice president, Mr. Sarv Mittar Babbar – secretary and Mr. Om Parkash Rajput – treasurer. Mr. Kewal Kanda and a few other community members were selected as directors to assist the president.
The newly selected committee met a few times to establish the guidelines for functioning of Rajput Association of America. A general meeting was called in February 1985 at the residence of Mr. Kewal Kanda in Norwalk, CA to decide future of this association. The majority view was to move forward and not look back. The newely elected officers were Kuldip Kanda as president, Sarv Mittar Babbar as vice president, Kewal Kanda as secretary, and Ashok Rajput as treasurer. The constitution was written and ratified on November 3, 1985. Ever since, this association has grown and expanded. While a few of our valuable and important members have submitted to the God’s will, many new faces have joined the association. Our journey has stayed on course ever since 1985. In 2009 we celebrated our 25th anniversary with great pomp and show. A beautiful souvenir was published to commemorate our 25 years of existence.

1) Since 2001 we started to honor students with Higher Grades from Elementary, Junior High and High School during our Diwali function.

2) Few times we organized Toy Collections at Christmas time and distributed toys to needy children at CHOC.

3) Our members collected and donated money to Red Cross during Tsunami and Earthquakes

Rajput Association of America is a not for-profit and non-political organization. The main goal of this association has been to enhance the cooperation between its members, uplift the image of our Indian heritage, help and guide new immigrants of our community, and do charity work while having fun as a joint Rajput family. The major benefit of forming this group has been the satisfaction to see our kids grow up in our own culture. They know their heritage and are proud of it, thanks in part to our picnics and celebrations together. Membership is open to anyone with Indian heritage and they are welcome to join as long as the by-laws of this association are followed.

Our Mission:
To establish close relationship/better understanding amongst the members/ families of the Community.

To safeguard the interest and welfare of the Community.

To interact and coordinate with other similar organizations in any part of the country.

To participate in all public welfare works and to help people affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, etc.

To make sacrifices to protect the unity and integrity of the country.

To publish and issue magazines and other literature for the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the association.

To frame rules and regulations to run the affairs of the association.

To undertake and organize such activities as may be deemed necessary for the attainment of the said aims and objectives.

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  1. I am from Madhya pradesh . I generally live in Delhi . I am visiting my son and daughter in Houston and Irvine ,CA, respectively . Presently , I am in Irvine up to end Feb 2015 and then I will return to India . I will like to attend some cultural event or some social gathering alongwith my daughter and family members if it is falling before Feb 2015 . If any member of Rajput community is residing in Irvine / Tustin ,CA , we may get in touch with him /them. It will help my daughterand her family members to know other members of Rajput community in this area.

    1. Hello Mr Raghuwanshi, Please feel free to contact me at my cell and I will provide you the contact of our President who will be able to help you in getting in touch with some of our members that reside in Orange County.

      Gurpreet Singh,
      Cell: 562-291-9239.

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